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 Visual Storyteller | Electronics Engineer

I solve digital problems 
through simple
and powerful designs


About me

I'm a skilled visual communicator based in India. I create high fidelity interfaces for a wide range of platforms. I'm well versed with Adobe Creative Suite & design toolkits, and specialise in Product Research and Design. I also volunteer for the rights of underprivileged children at CRY India.

User Interface  User Experience 
Graphic Design  Product Design

 Research   Branding Illustrations


Managing design at Dimagi

Dimagi is a social development enterprise delivers open-source software technology and data collection platforms curated for low-resource settings. It offers technology for social impact and a platform for data collection called CommCare. Dimagi serves sectors such as Education, Nutrition, Financial Inclusion and Research.


As a Senior Designer for the organisation, I take on many hats for this profile, including Product Designer UI/UX, Graphic Designer, User Researcher and Brand Manager.

I also


I carry with myself over 9 years of mistakes and learnings.

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